Happy Centenary Dr Bullivant!

March 23 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth in Rugby of Dr Roger Bullivant, who was Sheffield Bach Choir’s illustrious conductor for 40 years. Known to a vast number as a lecturer and teacher and to countless more as a conductor and harpsichordist, Roger’s remarkable achievements were no less acclaimed by music makers and concert audiences.

Roger’s passion for J.S. Bach ensured that he was in “on the ground floor” of the endeavours at Sheffield University that led to the foundation of Sheffield Bach Society in 1950. The choir has sung Bach’s trinity of choral masterworks – the St Matthew and St John Passions and the Mass in B minor – in a three-year cycle ever since, a seventy year homage to Bach and to a fitting legacy of this remarkable musician. 

Dr Simon Lindley and the Sheffield Bach Society have compiled a special feature about Dr Bullivant, including a copy of his arrangement of ‘Happy Birthday’ in the style of J. S. Bach. Follow this link for the Bach-style anniversary song and for more about Dr Roger Bullivant.

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