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This is a blog – that you can send comments to if you would like to. We’re using it to keep everyone up to date with the choir’s activities, and other relevant musical news from around Sheffield. If you’d like to be a ‘guest blogger’ please contact us by sending a comment and we will invite you to blog.

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  1. amdown says:

    amdown says:
    October 20, 2012 at 09:04
    We now have a Sheffield anti clash Google mail account for music in Sheffield. Go to Google mail to see where and what other people are performing.
    Enter in ‘email address’ and in ‘password’ groupaccess and all will be revealed.
    It only went live in July so there are some clashes this season, but I have already identified and dealt with some problems for 2013/2014 so here’s hoping.

  2. amdown says:

    Thank you to everyone who supported the ‘Auction of Promises’ evening. We made over £1,000 with donations still coming in and it was great fun with Chris Walker, Auctioneer, spurring everyone on.

  3. John K says:

    Where is the General Contact email address on this site?

    • Good question! There is a list of contact emails on the ‘who’s who’ page (under ‘About’ in the menu above) for committee members. If you’ve want to contact the website managers, please use the contact form at the bottom of that page.

  4. amdown says:

    Good to be back. Lovely music. Good to see everyone again after the summer beak

  5. Bassus says:

    The new music is challenging, but we did OK for a first sight read run through.

  6. Altissimo says:

    Rehearsals started again this week, with a massive run through the programme for our October concert. It’s going to be a fun autumn – with lots of glorious music!

  7. For information, the shortlink to this page is

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